Black Olives

* Black olives are of three types :
   (1) Natural black olives
   • Natural Black Olives are harvested in winter, once naturally ripe from the tree which delivers the most healthy product; once collected, they are put into brine where a slow natural lactic fermentation (from 2 to 4 months) occurs and the bitterness of the fruit is mostly eliminated; finally they are desalted and prepared in our special way delivering a unique, delicious, nutritive and healthy product.
      • Natural black olives are of 2 types :
         (a) Picual black olives
         (b) Manzanella black olives
         (c) Kalamata black olives

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   (2) Ripe Oxidizes black olives (California style )
   They are not naturally ripe and their colour, intensely black, comes from an industrial oxidation process where typically green olives are subject to strong alkaline treatments and exposed to iron salts; the be sterilized in autoclave , then packed in specific tins such as A10 &A12 tins or others
      Ripe black olives may be : 
         (a) whole black olives
         (b) sliced black olives
         (c)pitted black olives

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